Brown Bomber

Brown Bomber
1 pint glass, $3.75, 5.8% ABV

Purchased at Cambridge House Brew Pub, Granby

bomberThe day I had this beer was a sad day. It was the day venerable Hartford rock station WCCC became an insipid nationally syndicated “Christian Contemporary” music station. Insufferable.

I happened to be in the car driving up to Granby from work when the last 20 minutes of WCCC as I’ve always known it switched over to dreck. So yeah, I needed a beer.

On my way, I saw someone defaced Hatchett Hill Road to become Ratchett Hill Road, so that made me laugh. And WCCC played Pantera’s “Walk” as their final song, which was pretty awesome.

Why play a sentimental ballad about going away when you can play one of the hardest songs that was even in CCC’s rotation? (And yet, it’s still about walking away, in a way.)

I’m actually a pretty sentimental guy. A romantic. Heck, this whole massive website is pretty much my sentimental love letter to my state and my family. But I’m cool about it, y’know? Our wedding song was by a heroin addict (Ryan Adams), not some sickly sweet trio.

I don’t like sickly sweet.

CHB Says:

Tasty caramel malts give this ale a subtle sweetness.

I do like subtle sweetness though, so let’s try this brown ale.

niceDependsOh dear. Way too sweet. Perhaps not “sickly sweet,” but still way too sweet. Good beer is all about balance. Brewpubs can get away with slightly unbalanced beers because really, they are all one-offs in a sense and less-than-perfect brews are quickly forgotten. Or at least particular iterations of a particular beer.

While drinking, I overheard a guy explaining how his fence installation company has a job for a new (legal) marijuana farm near Millwrights in Simsbury. I heard another guy talk about going to some campground and riding a tractor-driving cart to some weird commune in Ashford.

I do so enjoy going to bars by myself and listening to random people talk. I learn so much.

Learning and teaching are fun. Like, everyone knows Depends endorser and boxer Joe Lewis is the Brown Bomber. Is that racist? Probably. But no more so than the multiple “Great White Hopes” that have popped up in boxing over the decades, right?

Packard also had a car called the Brown Bomber. Were they only sold in brown? I was not able to discern that.

And Urban dictionary has all sorts of feces-inspired definitions of “brown bomber,” which I’ll skip over. Brown bombers are also, apparently, slang for a pot-laced cigarette and, most interestingly to me, it’s what Sydney, Australia parking enforcement officers are called because of their brown uniforms.

This beer was rather forgettable.

Overall Rating: C-
Rating vs. Similar style: D

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