DuVig Cream Ale

DuVig Cream Ale
Generous 4 oz sample, 5% ABV

Sampled at the brewery, Branford

creamThis was my very first DuVig beer in my life. It was poured and served by a woman whom I assume is one of DuVig’s owners, as the ownership team is made up of two married couples. She was very nice. Dan and Kim Vigliotti, the other woman, two other visitors, and another guy who emerged from the back room all sort of stared at this tall, dark, and handsome stranger* who wandered into their small tasting room late on a June Sunday afternoon.

*Creative license. Y’know, I thought for many years that the “dark” part in that phrase referred to skin or skin tone and not hair color. So even if I was “handsome,” my once-was-dark-but-now-is-gray hair disqualifies me anyway. Damnit.

Okay, so this tall stranger was now feeling a little awkward with several people watching me as I drank my first sips of DuVig’s beer. Of course I wanted (read: needed) to take a picture of the beer, because this is 2014 and that’s what I’m required to do.**

**I found this article about the current “need” to “review” every beer to death to be quite good. You may find this surprising, but I agree with the premise – despite the obvious fact that I spend more words-per-beer than probably 99%*** of humans on earth.

***Actually, probably more like 99.99999999% of humans on earth.

DuVig says:
I couldn’t find anything.

But back to **, I’m comfortable saying that while I write far too much about Connecticut beers, I spend very little of that time actually discussing the beer itself. Sure, this annoys the large majority**** of readers, but I don’t care.

NotMe****The large majority of CTMQ readers don’t even know about these beer pages. And then the large majority of those that do, I’ve found, really only care to read the rare F-rated beers or the equally rare A+ ones. My efforts in these “reviews” are merely creative writing exercises half the time. It’s fun for me. You play Candy Crush, I write a quick beer review in 15 minutes. You think that’s weird? Whatever.

So… DuVig Cream Ale.

It’s good. There is nothing wrong with it, but it’s a straight up, low-ABV cream ale. Is there even such a thing as higher-ABV or imperial cream ales? I’m sure there is, but I don’t feel like checking.*****

*****Haha, yeah right. This is me we’re talking about here. A quick check turned up a few from Slumbrew and 3 Floyds.

The DuVig Cream Ale is exactly what you’d expect from a straightforward brewery that revels in session ales and focuses on simplicity and quality in everything from their brand font to their mom and pop staff to their beer.

If you want a straight up ale for the beach that you can pound and not get drunk or burned out on it, stop by DuVig right off of I-95 in Branford for some of this stuff. I would choose differently, but that’s just me.******

******Form your own opinions. Like, while I was there some old man came in and got his DuVig growler filled with the cream ale. And why not? It’s a very well-made cream ale and old men dig that stuff. They deserve craft beer made for them just as much as I deserve the nonsense I prefer. Keep doin’ what yer doin,’ DuVig. I support you.

Overall Rating: B-
Rating vs. Similar style: A

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