Tolland’s Town Trails

Tolland’s Town Trails

ConservingTolland-150x150Hm. As the one person on earth who cares about this stuff, it falls entirely upon me to decide if the grassroots group “Conserving Tolland” is a land trust type organization or just the town itself. Because then I’d have to decide to dump this page in the never-read land trust section or the really never read Town Trails section. Like I said, hm.

The Joshua’s Trust land trust does have property in Tolland. Some of those properties connect to these “other” Tolland properties. And Conserving Tolland never calls itself a land trust – AND it seems as though the land is preserved through the town itself. As if that weren’t enough, Tolland’s town website has a listing of trails that are almost a 1:1 match with Conserving Tolland’s trail maps, though not perfect.

I’ve moved from “hm” to “argh.”

I’ve decided ALL of the Conserving Tolland and Tolland’s town website trails go into my Town Trails area, and the Joshua’s Trust stuff stays over in the land trust section. And yes, I waffled on this for several painful minutes. Such is my OCD.

Conserving Tolland’s website (and the town’s site)are well-done and the descriptions and maps of their trails are excellent, as far as these things go. You can buy their Walk Book for twenty bucks (plus another $2.50 for an extra trail) here. It appears to me that the same maps are available online, so I’ll go that route. I simply can’t afford to buy all this stuff and belong to every hiking organization in the state. Some have very kindly made me a member simply on the basis of my write-ups. And that’s pretty cool. Hint hint.

And that’s pretty impressive considering that we’re talking about Tolland here. For years, Tolland was just that town I had to drive through to get to Storrs. And even though there is an exit off of I-84 for it, eliminating it from contention for “Connecticut’s least known towns,” it is not one people often talk about.

But I have a feeling that my hikes will change your perception of Tolland. Or at least I’ll pretend they will.


My Tolland Town Hikes:

(If linked, that means I’ve done it.)

Conserving Tolland Trails:

Campbell Peaceful Valley Conservation Area
King Conservation Area
Knofla Conservation Area
Palmer Kendall Mountain Conservation Area
Parciak Conservation Area
Schindler-Schmidt Conservation Area
Shafran Conservation Area
Stoppleworth Conservation Area
Weigold Conservation Area

”Other” Tolland Trails:

Auperin Conservation Area
Becker Conservation Area
Crandall Park
Cross Farms Recreation Area
C. W. Luce Conservation Area
King Riverside Conservation Area
Sage Meadow


Tolland hiking/mapping resources:

Tolland Trail guide (Conserving Tolland style)
Tolland Trail guide (Town of Tolland style)
Beautiful map of Tolland Open Space (UConn)

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