Granby Land Trust Trails

Granby Land Trust Trails
Granby (duh)


I like Granby. To get it out of the way, Granby includes North Granby and West Granby, but East Granby is its own town. East Granby’s just a’ight.

Granby, along with Suffield, suffers the ignominy of being invaded by Southwick, Massachusetts – so all Nutmeggers should have a soft spot in their hearts for Granby. But beyond that, there are many beautiful and “wild” areas of Granby, from the McLean Game Refuge (CTMQ page here) and the Barndoor Hills to Enders Falls.

I happen to really like Granby because along with Canton and Simsbury, those three towns provide great hiking and scenery within 20 to 30 minutes of my West Hartford home. Granby is sort of the gateway to Hartland and the truly remote towns west out to the Berkshires.

So yeah, I like Granby – home of the coolest tree in Connecticut (while it lasts) and Cambridge House Brewpub (Been there too). Don’t front on Granby.

And Granby Land Trust’s website, at least at the time of this writing (early 2014), has some of the best nature photography I’ve ever seen. Just beautiful pictures – though it sure would be nice if the site designer allowed we readers to click on the pictures to see them larger, y’know?

Anyway, much of the best land in Granby is state or town or otherwise owned. But the land trust has an impressive number of parcels on its roster, even if only a relative few contain blazed trails.

Granby Land Trust Trails

If linked, I’ve hiked it

Doherty Road Preserve*
Frances B. Petersen Preserve*
Godard Preserve
Mary Edwards Mountain Property, 5/4/2014
Western Barndoor Hill Preserve

*No trail maps found in March 2014

Granby Land Trust
CTMQ’s Land Trust Trails

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