Weight-of-Sound DIPA

Beer’d Weight-of-Sound DIPA
1 growlette, $7?, 9.6% ABV

Purchased at the brewery, Stonington

soundI was just at Beer’d yesterday and as I purchased yet another DIPA from my man Aaren, I asked him, “What is this, like the 10th DIPA you’ve done in your first 15 months?”

“More like 16, I think. But it¹s my favorite style, so that¹s what you get.”

You’re goshdarned right that’s what I get. Not all 16, but I can guarantee you that if Stonington (where Beer’d is located) was closer to me, I certainly would have.) Because – and this is not hyperbole – when it comes to DIPA’s and all you hear about in southern New England is Gandhi this and Heady that, I¹m putting some of Beerd’s brews in that conversation.

Let that sink in.

And no, I’m not crazy. Ok, maybe I am a little bit as I wondered a bit too hard about where the name “Weight-of-Sound” came from. Sometimes I just ask the brain behind the names of the beers but other times that’s just too easy. I like to think of completely ludicrous reasons.

There’s some apparently popular song called “Weight of Sound” by some band called Stick Figure. It’s some nu-Reggae/Jack Johnsonny ditty that I had to shut off after a minute. I consider myself friends Beer’d’s Aaren, but I don’t know him well enough to know what kind of music he’s into.

Beer’d Says:

Bone dry with a slight grainy sweetness. Floral aroma with a bushel of candied tropical fruit notes such as ripe mango and pink grapefruit.

More likely, “Weight of Sound” refers to the very nearby Long Island Sound that one can, literally, see from the road in front of the Velvet Mill where Beer’d is located.

Whatever the derivation, this beer is phenomenal. The above description is perfect – so much so that I’ve really nothing to add, other than that the floral and fruit notes don’t punch you in the face all at once. Rather, each sip runs through the bitter florals first, then the tropical and finishes with the grapefruit. The nose is mostly grapefruit and there is even a touch of pine to this one.

I meeeeean… Come on! What more could you want from a DIPA?

african-funny-mobile-holderOther than a better explanation of its slightly odd name? Okay, back to the “Weight of Sound” song I brought up earlier… some of the lyrics are:

This one goes out to my girl tonight
I’ll sing a song for you because the mood is right
It’s 2:16 on a Saturday night
My girl she is passed out, she’s not feeling alright

Hm. Maybe this beer really IS an homage to the Stick Figure song. An easy drinking nearly 10% fruity hop bomb DIPA certainly could knock someone unfamiliar with high ABV beers out cold…

Twenty four hours can be a long time
To be lying in bed from the previous night
I’ll sit here and drink myself a beer
All night long, I’ll sing this song till you call on me, yeah

“Drink myself a beer?!” Boom. Clearly I was right the first time with the song and not the large body of water looming out of Beer’d’s front door.

Go to Beer’d and get their beer. Or I’ll make you listen to Stick Figure some more.

Regarding the picture above: Randomly, and rather tangential even for me, here’s 5 minutes of Louis CK talking about smoking pot. I link this because a) it’s really funny and b) because he mentions a kid with a giant hole in his earlobe – which I thought of because of “weight” and “sound” and “ear” an “weight pulling the ear down.” Make sense?

I should also add that searching for “large ear hole” is really gross. WTF is wrong with people?

Overall Rating: A+
Rating vs. Similar style: A

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