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[Note: I originally wrote this page for its placement over in the "Other Town/State Owned land, Etc." page. it matters not a whit to you, but that's why it's written in the way it is. There is just such a bleed/crossover in Burlington that I felt this was necessary.]

sewImagine one of those commercials or lame sitcom scenes where a person at the register is the 1,000,000th customer or whatever and a bunch of balloons are dropping and sirens blaring in celebration.

Because that’s you right now. You’re the winner! Congratulations!

You, yes YOU, found this little page on Burlington’s trail system – unceremoniously buried deep in the recesses of my hiking pages. So why are you a winner? Because you are somehow interested in poking around the woods of Burlington. And while that is a fantastic pursuit which I wholly encourage, you may also now avail yourself to the funniest town hiking guides in the state.

I present to you, the Burlington Rambler’s Guide (pdf). Now, the “problem” with Burlington is the problem with all these hiking sections. See, The Rambler’s Guide is a publication of the land trust. But 90% of the trails are all part of the Tunxis trail system which I meticulously explained in my CFPA section. There are a few little lookout trails (which are on Nature Conservancy land) in the Guide I plan on returning to check out (in 2014), but the only “real” property (which the Tunxis goes through too) separate from the Tunxis is Sessions Woods.

Which is a state-owned wildlife management area and not a land trust property.

So my job is to link all this stuff together here for you. I should probably mention that the BLT does have a completion award, although no one bothered to complete all the trails and contact them before me. As a result, I didn’t get a patch or a completion certificate – but I got something far more valuable: a friendship with Paul Roche at the BLT.

And I did get a very nice t-shirt.

These people. At Sessions Woods


My Burlington Hikes and Stuff:

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Tunxis Burlington Regional Trails (north & east)
Tunxis Burlington Regional Trails (south)
Tory Den


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