Alt 45

Alt 45
1 pint glass, $3.75, 5.3% ABV

Purchased at Cambridge House Brew Pub, Granby

Alt 45 is a stalwart at CHB. It’s been around for all the years I’ve been going there. And yet, I’d never had one before now. I’m not sure why other than there always seemed to be something more interesting on tap.

But as my palate has been awakened over the last year with massive and delicious hops, I’ve also become more aware and more accepting of heavily malted beers as well. I still prefer the bitter citrus pine twang of a good IPA, but I won’t turn down a malt-heavy amber, say.

This brown ale is perfectly fine. There’s nothing at all wrong with it other than what it is.

CHB Says:

German for “old,” this is malty yet smooth. A brown ale conditioned at lager temperatures.

It’s just kind of boring. Solid, well-made, sure – but boring.

Now, I’ve come to recognize “boring” is often quite excellent when it comes to the whole “craft beer” movement. By that I mean these “boring” beers – the solid, well-made ones like this one – are quite palatable to those who prefer to stick to their Coors and Buds.

There is nothing offensive or overpowering or “new” with a beer like the Alt 45. But it opens up a world of malt-forward brown ales, say. Like, “oh hey, my beer doesn’t need to be more clear than my piss!” (Sorry, but you have to talk Bud drinkers’ language to make these points.)

The Alt 45 allows for another crap-beer subset entrée into craft brew brewing. The 40 oz malt liquor crew! I am not positive, but I’m going to guess that the “alt” in “Alt 45” is pronounced more like “oalt” because it’s German. Which gave rise to the 45 part, a la Colt 45.

And while Samuel Colt was a Nutmegger and our state is trying to get Colt Park in Hartford national park status, and we have historic Colt 45’s all over the state, I’m going to guess it’s a nod to the “smoothest malt liquor” available: Colt 45.

If you’re as old as I am, you remember the old Billy Dee Colt commercials. I just watched a few of them and while my man’s charm is undeniable, there is this underlying near-rapey quality about them. Like, brother, if you down the Colt 45 and you get a girl to do the same, you’re totally gonna get laid no matter what.

Anyway, Alt 45 is ten billion times better than Colt 45, but no hot chicks came calling while I was drinking it.

Overall Rating:B-
Rating vs. Similar style: B

Cambridge House Brew Pub
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