Nature Conservancy Trails

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Nature Conservancy Trails

The Nature Conservancy is the leading conservation organization working around the world to protect ecologically important lands and waters for nature and people.

Buncha hippies.

I’ve not yet looked much into these properties at all (on purpose anyway) as I write this (in late 2013). Who knows if I ever will. But this is CTMQ and I like my lists so here you are. (I’ve purposely left out their properties without defined boundaries or specific trails.)



Note: They have a lot more property than this… that appear under other headings simply because the NC doesn’t list them on their CT Preserves list.

Hiked Nature Conservancy Properties

Sunny Valley Preserves, New Milford/Bridgewater, July & November 2009

To Be Hiked Nature Conservancy Properties

Hollenbeck Preserve, Canaan
Pleasant Valley Preserve, Lyme
Selden Creek, Lyme
Turtle Creek, Essex
Burnham Brook Preserve, East Haddam/Salem
Chapman Pond Preserve, East Haddam
Lord Cove Preserve, Lyme
Burnham Brook Preserve, East Haddam/Salem
Whalebone Cove Preserve, Lyme
Pratt and Post Coves Preserves, Lyme
Lucius Pond Ordway/Devil’s Den Preserve, Weston/Redding
Higby Mountain Preserve, Middlefield/Middletown
Spiderweed Preserve, Middletown
Cathedral Pines Preserve, Cornwall
Iron Mountain Preserve, Kent
Dennis Farm Preserve, Ledyard
Ayers Gap Preserve, Franklin
Poquetanuck Cove Preserve, Pomfret
Rock Spring Preserve, Scotland

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