World Cup Tour 2006

wca.jpgI was able to fulfill a dream in 2004 by going to France to see the Tour de France. Another wish is to see the World Cup in all its insanity at some point in my life. Short of that, I was fascinated by a series of online articles in Salon back in 2002 in which the intrepid reporter attempted to watch World Cup games in ethnic bars matching the players on the field. He was in New York City and got paid to carry out his quest. Unfortunately I am in central Connecticut and only had a few random and weekend days to see what I could cobble together as far as this cool idea goes.

Here’s the deal: Soccer IS boring, no matter how you slice it. But there’s something very attractive to me about the international game; the crazed fans. I get patriotic a few times per decade and it is always due to sports – cycling, soccer and hockey spring to mind. I can’t explain it, but it’s true. Also, Bill Buford’s “Among the Thugs” remains as one of my favorite books (falling into that “Unbelievable non-fiction category I like best).

With all that in mind and with the knowledge that my quest is severely limited, check out my “Tour!”

Friday, June 9
Stop # 1:
Germany vs. Costa Rica at Eastside Restaurant; New Britain, CT

Stop # 2: Poland vs. Ecuador at Stadion Cafe; New Britski, CT

Saturday, June 10
Stop # 3:
Three games; My living room

Sunday, June 11
Stop # 4:
Two games; including Portugal vs. Angola at The Cambrense Cafe in Hartford

Monday June 12 & Wed June 14
Stop # 5:
Three games; featuring USA, Switzerland, Togo, and Croatia

Friday June 16
Stop # 6:
Mexico vs. Angola at Ay Chihuahua Cantina in Hartford

Saturday June 17
Stop # 7:
Two games from my house

Sunday June 18
Stop # 8:
USA vs. Italy, Francesca’s Ristorante, Hartford

Sunday June 18
Stop # 9: Brazil vs. Australia, Goal International, Hartford

Thursday June 22
Stop # 10:
USA vs. Ghana, Vaugn’s Pub, Hartford

Sunday June 27
Stop # 11:
England vs. Ecuador, Half Door, Hartford

Sunday July 8
Stop # 12:
Brazil vs. France, Brazil Grille, West Hartford

Some random thoughts from the World Cup 2006

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