Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market

Coventry Regional Farmer’s Market

fmbI just invented a new rule: My pages on the Farmers’ Market Trail will be short and sweet and quite possibly useless to you. I also just decided to adopt this same strategy with the brand new Historic Barn Trail as well. No one will suffer.

Of all the markets in Connecticut, the CFM probably has the most active social media campaign, the biggest fan base and the best weekly vendors and events.

Which is what they pretty much say themselves: “The Coventry Regional Farmers’ Market is like a country fair every Sunday… the old-fashioned kind, with farmers, produce, freshly baked pies, sparkling jars of preserves and pickles, handmade goods, and fiddlers. New England Travel Magazine calls ours “Connecticut’s preeminent farmers’ market.” June through October, it’s the largest and most diverse farmers’ market in Connecticut.”

(We didn’t see any fiddlers, but they do have changing events every weekend which I must say, is very impressive.)

We got there a little after 11 – and would have gotten there at 11 when it opens if the town of Bolton didn’t have a “South Road” a mere two lefts before Coventry’s “South Street.” I took South Road which took us back out to 44 and added a good 8 or 10 minutes to the drive. Stupid – on my part AND on Bolton and Coventry’s parts.


Parking can be tricky, but it’s well conducted and fairly available. This is an EVENT in this part of the state, every stinking Sunday. People love it.

fmAnd we had a grand time ourselves, but really, it’s a farmers’ market. Sure, there are a TON of booths with a lot of variety and it features a lot of great vendors I’ve come to love over the years. I finally got my first NoRa Cupcake and my first Mystic Cheese. I scored some random okra and purple potatoes and picked up some of Cato Corner’s ridiculously good blue cheese.

Bread and pastries from my hometown overpriced (but delicious) Le Petite France, a cheddar chive biscuit from somewhere, a veggie burger from something and … I think that was it.

We killed two hours there and the band kept the boys occupied for a bit while I walked around. I didn’t bother with the Nathan Hale Homestead Museum – which is right here and open – because really, how could I devote a proper visit with my two crumb bums in tow?

Coventry Regional Farmers Market
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My bounty

The only way to eat okra: broiled with salt, pepper and garlic

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