Fat Ten-er #1

Fat Ten-er # 1 (Belgian Pale Ale)
Several sample glasses, gifted, 3.9% ABV

Enjoyed at Relic Brewing

fatMy obsession with New England Brewery is such that I was sort of fretting that I’d missed this, their first “experimental” batch in their new little brew tank. (Okay, I don’t know what all the details are on this or how it was brewed or what it was brewed in, but suffice it to say that it is a one-off smaller batch beer.)

I figured it had come and gone during the week I was down in Delaware with my family. I was okay with missing it and had moved on.

But then I was invited to the Friday tasting at Relic Brewing in Plainville by my friend Aron (aka CraftBrewGuy) just to hang out and have some good beer. Fair enough.

Not 2 minutes after I arrived and settled in my “Second in command Cliff Claven” spot at the bar (deferring to Aron), another Connecticut craft superstar showed up with 32 ounces of the Fat Ten-er #1. Oh, hello, my name is Steve.

And so is his. (Steve L.) And since this is the (still small, still great) local beer scene, my man opened up the bottle and started pouring for anyone. Steve L has the good fortune of working down near NEBCO and stops by weekly, if not more. He brings Mark from Relic whatever’s new from there and – you understand how this works.

Bottom line: I had what amounted to a good 12 ounces of this small batch one-off from NEBCO thanks to my man Steve L.

Belgian Pale Ale brewed with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Nelson hops

pavarotti-794716Hops indeed. This is yet another NEBCO hop bomb, cut with some of that 668 sweetness. Rumor has it that this was brewed by an apprentice at the brewery. If that’s true, he or she seems intent on impressing Matt, the head brewer.

By that I mean… it’s another hop bomb from NEBCO. The four incredible single-hopped beers, Gandhi Bot… Five of the best beers on the planet. So, you know, when you go experimental, why not actually go experimental?

It’s not a bad beer by any means. I rather enjoyed it. The hops’ bite was a little harsh up front, but they smoothed over time. And it’s always nice to have a hoppy session ale I guess.

So… Fat Ten-Er? I think this is brewed in their new ten barrel tank, hence the ten. But is the pun referencing Luciano Pavarotti (Fat Tenor) or the fact that drinking beer is a “fattener?”

Or is a double-meaning double pun?

God, I’m such a fanboy.

Overall Rating: B+
Rating vs. Similar style: n/a

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