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Shebeen Brewing Company

My visit to Shebeen Brewery is here.

Beer List:

1814 Brown Ale, F
Bacon Kona Stout, B-
Black Hop IPA, B+
Cannoli, F
Concord Grape Saison
Cucumber Wasabi Ale, D
Double Rye Porter, B+
German Cerveza
Grand Cru
Idaho IPA
Irish Pale Ale, B
Pineapple Wheat, C
Pumpkin Scotch Ale, F
Royal IPA, D
Rye Porter, B+
Smoked Amber
Turbo IPA
West Coast Pale Ale, D

Bourbon Barrel Aged Double Rye Porter, A


Shebeen deserves credit for several things. Among them, the fact that they opened with a full line-up of 11 beers right off the bat is pretty impressive. Also, I don’t think they refer to themselves as “Connecticut’s newest brewery” anywhere on their website.

With new breweries opening every couple of months here in the Constitution State, I always sort of chuckle at how many times I’ve read that when it is several breweries out of date.

However, they do state that they are “Connecticut’s best brewery.” Confidence or bravado? Insanity or marketing genius? Time – and tasting – will tell.
If you’re curious, “Shebeen or Sibin in Irish is defined as ‘An unlicensed establishment or private house selling alcoholic liquor’.” That darn alcoholic liquor.

Shebeen is indeed licensed and legal. Though the funny part about this is that the way Shebeen is set up wasn’t legal until very recently. It is more or less a bar. You can go and get samples or just have pints. And the already handsome tasting room is getting handsomer and larger in the near future. A new brewery built to expand almost immediately? I like it.

As of this writing, Shebeen is not in distribution yet and are just getting into bars now in the summer of 2013. But if their initially large line-up is any indication, we’ll be visiting and drinking Shebeen for quite some time.

A visit to the brewery

Shebeen Brewing Company
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