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Shake Your Smoove Cream
Ice Cream at Peaches ‘n Cream, Litchfield

July 7, 2013

pcAll I can think about is Peaches and Herb. (Read: I’m old.) They of “Shake Your Groove Thing” and “Reunited.” No knock on Peaches ‘n Cream, but that’s where my head is at.

Oh how I wished this place had a peaches and herb flavor! I make a great sangria with peach juice and basil. Peaches and herb! I highly recommend it. And I highly recommend this great little family owned ice cream joint on the outskirts of Litchfield/Torrington on Route 202 heeds my advice: Peaches and Herb Sangria ice cream!

That may sound crazy, but Peaches ‘n Cream does offer several alcohol infused flavors like Amaretto Almond, Kahlua Chip and Pina Colada. Consider this new flavor my gift.

pcdI can’t really explain it, but I’d been “searching” for this place for a couple years. I had it in my head that it was nearer the Litchfield Green for some reason and never bothered noticing it was east on 202. (Not to mention I’m more of a 44 to 179 to 4 to 118 to Litchfield guy anyway. I mean, 202 through Torrington? Why?)

For Peaches ‘n Cream, that’s why. The building could use some paint. And new signage. And probably all sorts of other hidden structural issues I couldn’t see. But none of us cared as we were simply there for some ice cream.

Litchfield has two homemade ice cream places. Arethusa Dairy (our visit) in the Bantam section of town pcaand this place in the Torrington town line section. The two couldn’t be more different: Arethusa is the place Thad and Mackenzie drive up over from Westchester in their stupid stupid rectangular Mercedes SUV thing and drop 50 bucks on some ice cream, yoghurt and cheese – in a store where eating off the floor would be perfectly safe. Peaches ‘n Cream is the opposite. (Though please be aware that it’s not dirty or anything.)

The store was staffed with a bunch of very attentive young women who I thought undercharged us initially. Eight-something for the four of us? In Litchfield for homemade ice cream? I’ll take it.

I had the Bourdeaux Cherry Chip which was excellent, with several full cherries in the mix. All four of us tore up our treats.

This place also keeps their ice creams with nuts completely separate from everything else, which I’m sure the nut allergists very much appreciate.


The menu of flavors here is very impressive for a small operation. The quality is impressive and the prices are impressive.

Just get to work on the peaches and herb flavor and we’ll be back.

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