Connecticut Hiking Links

I used to actually have an entire section called “Links.” Seriously! I know, stupid right? I was wasting an entire header tab on stuff no one ever found interesting… or even ever found.

So here are some links about hiking in Connecticut. Some are active, some are less so.

CT Forest and Parks Association
New England National Scenic Trail
Explore Connecticut (hiking blog)
Hike the Giant, blog mostly about Sleeping Giant hiking
Connecticut Hiker Gal, She gets around
Excellent resource for southern CT trails (scroll onto each town)
Cool topo maps of CT’s long-distance trails
CT’s bicycle pathways
Letterboxing in CT – interesting idea
CT state park trail maps

I can’t wait to get this crumb bum out there with me (Calvin, 2012)


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  1. Kenneth says:

    Good day to you, your Prolificness. Thank you for including my site. I started my blog as a reaction to my interview trip here – for the job I took. When I was visiting I stayed for a few days to drive around and get to know CT. I was disappointed in the lack of public spaces; never got a chance to pull over my car and get out for a simple walk or picnic in a park. After I moved here I was determined to find places where Connecticuters had created something for everyone to enjoy. And, I have since found many. I wasn’t aware of your blog at first, but over time I have realized that it is unlikely that I will tread where you have not tread before me. Your blog has everything I was searching for when I first visited the State. As I inevitably cover the same topics you have, I always try to link to your posts. Good luck on your continuing challenge to document all that CT has to offer.

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