Drum Rock

Drum Rock
Near 172 Barbourtown Road, Canton

Quick story: Half a year ago a reader commented on the main page for Rocks on this site, “Drum Rock near the north end of Barbertown Road in Canton Center. Not an animal, but really cool.”


Interested, I Googled Barbertown Road in Canton. Nothing. I tried all the surrounding towns as well. Nothing. I filed it away in my brain and then one day when I knew I’d be in Canton’s wilds, I tried looking for other spellings of Barbertown. Bam! Nailed it. Barbourtown Road.

It’s a pretty crazy woodland road – one that I love. And yup, there’s a rock painted like a drum for some reason along it. This picture is head-on – so it looks kind of weird. You will never, ever find yourself passing Drum Rock by accident (unless you are hiking Canton Land Conservation Trust trails) so enjoy this picture… It might be the only time you see it.

I’d love to know why this exists.

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  1. Doug Bok says:

    I own the property across from the drum. It has been painted that way for at least fifty years, maybe longer. There was some debate about who actually painted it among the locals, with the consensus being it was Mr. Blaikloch, the former owner of my place.
    A few years ago I noticed someone repainting it, an older gentleman. It wasn’t Blaikloch. He did it as a whimsy, and was repainting it for the last time he figured. Just in time, my neighbor and I were about to redo it as it was getting shabby. I forget his name, but I remember he did sign it. It looks like it may need touching up again, perhaps this Summer.

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