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Connecticut Distilleries and Other Booze Makers

I actually have a page wherein I have challenged myself to purchase and drink all this stuff. I don’t know why, but here it is.


OK_LOGOLet’s call it the CALO movement. It’s everywhere and for the most part , it’s wonderful. In the alcohol world, it’s pretty impossible to satisfy all four of the CALO tenets because we can’t really grow enough hops or good wine grapes or wheat or corn here to make it viable to distill, vint, or brew.

Connecticut wineries are now open in every corner of the state (there are over 30 now). Connecticut breweries are exploding and have gone from a handful in 2010 to what will be around 20 by 2015. It’s crazy.

But our distilleries are still pretty rare. Due to the law, I can’t visit any of these places (in 2013). I know there are pushes to remedy this*, but for now, this page is pretty much just informational.

*On May 31, 2013, Connecticut passed a bill to allow for tours and tastings at distilleries! I like to think this very page that I wrote just before that legislative session was the impetus to get that done. Now, if only I actually liked spirts…

Distillery Visits

Westford Hill Distillers, Ashford, 6/8/2013

Distilleries to Visit

AppStrawBrandies, Branford
Brignole Distillery, East Granby (Not open yet)
Connecticut Valley Distillery, Ellington (Not open yet)
Elm City Distillery, Durham (defunct?)
Hartford Flavor Company, Hartford (Not open yet)
Hickory Ledges Farm and Distillery, Canton
Maple Lane Spirits, Preston
Onyx Spirits, East Hartford

(Cape Moonshine and Peel Liqueur contracted at Westford Hill)

Other Booze Makers

Oktopusake, New Haven
Spiked Seltzer, Norwalk


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