The Most Pointless Point

Life is Short, Then You Die
Point-No-Point, Lordship (Stratford)

May 17, 2008

pnpb.jpgPretend you are me and instead of a movie or a book, you find yourself lost in maps. Even maps you’ve pored over many times before – like the Connecticut state map. Sometimes you have route-planning purpose, but sometimes you are merely looking for quirky things in the general area that you’ll find yourself in the near future.

And sometimes your lovely wife finds you staring at a map again and questions her decision to marry you. “Staring at that map again? Is there a point at this point?” she asks.

“Yes. Yes there is. There is a Point-No-Point in fact.”
“Point to it,” she insists.
You point. “Here, the point I’m pointing at is Point-No-Point.”
“What’s your point?”
“My point? My point is that I’m pointing out a point called Point-No-Point!”
Pointedly, she points to the phone and tells you to call a psychiatrist.
“No, no, baby,” you say. The point is that I’ve pointed out a point called Point-No-Point and to make my point, I’m going to go to that point!”
She replies, “I’m at the point with you that I wonder if you ever even have a point!”
“I DO have a point,” you point out again, “Point-No-Point!”


Okay, you can stop pretending to be me now… Point-No-Point is past the Sikorsky Airport down on the coast in the Lordship section of Stratford. There is a small little beach and a couple restaurants. But really, there isn’t much point to make the effort to get to Point-No-Point. And check this out – there are other Point-No-Points around the world and the one on Vancouver Island in British Columbia offers an explanation of the name: “The unusual name “Point-No-Point” is derived from the original survey of this stretch of coast. It refers to a secondary point of land that is apparent, but doesn’t extend farther than the two primary points on either side of it, commonly referred to as a “point-no-point”.”

Now we know.
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