City Steam Brewery Beer (Bottles)

City Steam Brewery (Bottles)
Hartford, Contract Brewed at Thomas Hooker, Bloomfield

Note 1. This page is about City Steam’s bottled beer, not the brewpub or the draught beers.

Note 2. In 2013, City Steam moved their contract to Two Roads Brewery in Stratford

Beer List:

Blonde on Blonde, B-
Innocence Ale, A-
Naughty Nurse, D
Creme de la Creme Ale, B

Did you read that first note in bold just above? This page is your landing page to get to the bottled beers that City Steam contracts out for brewing and bottling. There will be (or are, depending upon when you read this) separate pages for the brewery itself (that’s right here.) and of course their many draught beers.

I know it’s stupid, but I strive for consistency in my list building and since City Steam contracts their bottles to Hooker/Two Roads, they simply must appear in a separate contract brewed section on my CT Beer list. I should note also that City Steam simply has to contract out the bottling because they do not have the capability, nor would it make any feasible sense to purchase the capability, to bottle beer.

So what they (and Southport Brewing Company as well) are doing makes perfect business sense. And in the case of City Steam at least, the populace is probably very happy they’ve done so. For the populace seems to love their two flagship ales: Blonde on Blonde and the Naughty Nurse.

City Steam has been around for as long as I’ve been around the Hartford area. They building is rather attractive and I’ve been there many times for dinner, for baby showers, for business lunches, for the comedy club, for beers after work when I used to work at State House Square… It’s a good, solid restaurant that happens to have a decent brewery in it.

The history of City Steam is really pretty interesting and the unique way they are able to brew there is as well (hint: “City Steam”). So again, if you missed it, I have a fairly lengthy page about all of that here.

Because really, what the heck does the downtown Hartford brewing process or the restaurant have to do with the three bottles contract brewed up in Bloomfield/down in Stratford at a different brewery?



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