Cambridge House Brew Pub Beers

Cambridge House Brew Pub Beers

Beer List

(For Brewpubs, I’ll only be listing the ones I’ve had. Otherwise, the list would be insane.)


Lawnmower Ale, B
Oakwood Mild, A
Smokey the Beer, B
Hi-Fi RyePA, C+
Peppercorn Saison, B+
Lazy Bee Tripel, B-
Oktoberfest, A
New England IPA, A
Amber Ale, B
Pumpkin Weisse, C
Three Steve Stout, A
Bitter Jack, B
Ambrodisiac, B-
End of Days/Moonbeam Stout, A-
Ominous Forecast, A

Woodburner Brown Ale, A
India Red Ale, C
Bear Trap Honey Porter, A
‘Murican Ale, B
Schnickelfritz (Dunkel Lager), B+
Kolsch, D
It’s Always Sunny in Granby, B+
Steam Bock, C
Extra Special Bitter, A
Farmer’s Daughter Saison, C+
5 Bbl Bitter Blueberry Blonde, C
Double D Scotch Ale, B+
Steel Cut Oatmeal Stout, A
Wet Harvest Ale, A+
Mosaic Pale, A
Porter, B+
Alt 45, B-
Lime Rock Red, C

Cream Ale, C+
Dirty IPA, A-


When I had the brilliant idea to begin reviewing “every” Connecticut beer for CTMQ, I thought I knew what I was getting into. I knew exactly how many brewers there were, and I knew that number was doubling within a couple years. I knew exactly how many brewpubs we had and all that stuff.

What I didn’t realize was that a few of our brewpubs produce an amazing array of different beers throughout the year. Just guessing, but I’m comfortable saying that WilliBrew, CBH and City Steam produce and tap over 250 different beers combined each year. I was completely ignorant of this when I set out to do these reviews.

I’d been to CBH several times over the years, but I guess I never fully appreciated their rotating beer list. Now I do. I’ve been getting out there every so often after work and have been enjoying a different beer every time, noting that their 5 or 6 CBH offerings on tap are constantly changing. This is great! But it’s also a slap of reality to my face. How in the world am I, a father of two little boys, going to possibly review “every Connecticut beer?” Especially ones in over in Willimantic?

I have no idea, but it’s a noble hops pursuit. And yes, of course I recognize the parallels to the greater mission of CTMQ.

I took this picture from their Facebook page, but was here the week they took the shot.

Over the years, I’ve exchanged several emails with Scott Riley from CBH. Mostly because I gave them a review based too much on some business dealing nonsense which had nothing at all to do with the current ownership. I redacted a lot of that stuff and feel much better about that old page.

Here’s one comment from Scott you should read:

Steve, you have to stop in and check out our beers on tap. We usually have the IPA and Kolsch on tap. I am not saying that it will never run out, but we have been able to keep production up with consumption. And we have six of our own CBH beers on tap for more than three months now. Where we used to only have a maximum of five. We are limited since we only have five serving tanks, so the extra taps have to have been kegged off and saved. Of course we almost always have some guest taps on, except when we are running 12 CBH taps! Keeps tabs on our Web site and Facebook page to see when we will be running all 12 taps again!

So there you go – they can run up to 12 of their own beers at a time. Awesome. Here’s more about the brewpub. But I still have a nagging question… Why is it “CBH” instead of CHB? The name of the place is Cambridge House Brew Pub. But I call it CBH too. Such mystery.

I’m writing this intro page after five quick visits to the brewpub and can report that my bartenders have always been great – informative when needed and professional at all times. I’ve been allowed to take my beer out to the patio to take my silly pictures and do my crossword puzzles as well.

Cheers to Cambridge Brew House.

To their beers!

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  1. Scott says:

    I was surprised to see the following comment at the end of your blog page:

    But I still have a nagging question… Why is it “CBH” instead of CHB? The name of the place is Cambridge House Brew Pub. But I call it CBH too. Such mystery.

    Followed by: “Cheers to Cambridge Brew House” aka CBH…

    I think CBH rolls off the tongue a little more fluidly than CHB…..

    On another note, can anyone really own a recipe? How about a business name? How many variations can you come up with to bypass some trademark. There are so many companies with the name Cambridge something or other that there is little hope to trademark. Besides there is a too much cost in fighting these battles and very little to win. Good well water is a great source of beer flavor and very hard to reproduce.

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