Satan in Connecticut

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate!

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here!” – Dante

I have researched a bunch of these (below) to no avail (yet), but I’ll find ‘em. The Devil always shows his face at some point.

CT’s Regions of the Underworld:

l2satan2.jpg1. Satan’s Kingdom, New Hartford
2. Devil’s Kitchen, Burlington
3. Hellgate Road, Durham
4. Hell Hollow Road & Pond, Voluntown
5. Devil’s Dens, Plainfield & Sterling
6. Beelzebub Road, South Windsor
7. Devil’s Garden Road, Norwalk
8. Devil’s Belt, Long Island Sound
9. Evil, Colebrook


As yet unfound regions of the Underworld:

Satan’s Kingdom (b), Bethany
Satan’s Ridge, New Hartford
Tophet Ravine, Roxbury
Hell Hole, Simsbury
Devil’s Kitchen (a), Thomaston
Devil’s Pulpit, Hamden
Devil’s Mouth, Redding
Devil’s Dripping Pan, Branch Brook
Devil’s Meditation (shared by Middlebury and Watertown)
Devil’s Island, in the Quinebaug River above Danielson
Devil’s Gap, Brookfield
Devil’s Gorge, Weston
Devil’s Jump, Derby
Devil’s Plunge, Morris
Devil’s Rock (a), Old Saybrook
Devil’s Rock (b), Portland
Devil’s Dens (1-5), Scattered (Plainfield, Weston, Monroe, Franklin, Sterling)
Devil’s Backbones (1-4), Scattered (Bethlehem, Plymouth, Bristol, Cheshire)
Devil’s Footprint (a), Montville
Devil’s Footprint (b), Branford
Devil’s Wharf, Deep River
Devil’s Hopyard State Park, East Haddam

4 responses to “Satan in Connecticut”

  1. Raph says:

    Ski Sundown was known as Satan’s Ridge before it was purchased in 1969.

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks, Raph! This is true… and better yet, two more Tunxis Trail hikes and I will walk right down Satan’s Ridge. (This area is just north of Satan’s Kingdom.)

    From Ski Sundown’s site:

    1969: Channing Murdock, founder and president of Butternut Basin in Great Barrington, Massachusetts buys the abandoned Satan’s Ridge Ski Area area in the summer of 1969 and renames it Ski Sundown.

  3. susan says:

    The 3rd smallest state has made it twice to the RSOE EDIS emergency and disaster global information map today, 1/15/13 – once for a suspected arson, and also for a fire on an airplane. After Newtown, I was thinking, yep, he’s there. Need some deliverance ministries there folks. Almost, almost makes me glad I’m in PA. This is an interesting website – thanks!

  4. Cumulus says:

    The Devil’s Oven is in Devil’s Hopyard S.P. It’s a little cave.

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