CT Dinosaur Trail

Connecticut Dinosaur Trail
“Roar Through Connecticut!”

4 Museums (though I’ve added 4 more)

The state has come up with a new trail (new to me anyway, in 2012) as part of the new “Still Revolutionary” travel campaign. The trail at present, such as it is, consists of four large museums around the state – none are free and in fact, for a family of four to “complete” this trail would run you a good chunk of dino change. In fact, for my family of four (2 adults, 6 yrs and 1 yr old), with no discounts, these four places would cost well over $200.

Of course, we ARE doing the Dino Trail simply as a function of CTMQ. At this point, we’ve been to three of the attractions and through various programs (NuRide, winning tickets online), we’ve made out pretty well. The bugaboo is Nature’s Art: The Dinosaur Place as their a la carte prices are, shall we say, insane.

I’m also wondering why they don’t include the Children’s Museum in West Hartford or maybe the Bruce Museum in Greenwich as well. (And both of them fit into the theme of being a couple more of Connecticut’s more expensive museums.) There’s also the very cool, very unknown Joe Webb People’s Museum at Wesleyan – which is free!

Anyway, the Dino Trail says:

If your family loves dinosaurs, an amazing adventure awaits at our biggest and best dinosaur-themed attractions!

The Connecticut Dinosaur Trail brings them all together so you can plan your own dino-sized days of fun and not miss a single saurus!


Trail Museums Visited:

Dinosaur State Park, Rocky Hill, visited April 5, 2009
Connecticut Science Center, Hartford, visited October 12, 2009
Yale Peabody Museum, visited September 11, 2010

CTMQ would add to the Trail:

Children’s Museum, West Hartford, multiple visits
Bruce Museum, Greenwich, visited May 8, 2010
Joe Webb Peoples Museum, Middletown, May 18, 2011
Well Dinosaur Haven, Montville (Info)

To be Visited:

Nature’s Art: The Dinosaur Place, Montville

2 responses to “CT Dinosaur Trail”

  1. jake says:

    You can’t say you’ve visited the Science Center on the Dino Trail unless you’ve gone back for the awesome Dinosaur Exhibit…

  2. Hollie says:

    There is a tiny dinosaur park in Middlefield CT – on Powder Hill Rd.
    Just a small fenced in area covered with dino tracks – a small plaque is there.
    Almost no one knows it exists but it’s kinda cool.
    If you want more info – let me know.
    – Hollie

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