Mr. Al E. Gator

Rare Gator Sighting
Al E. Gator, Glastonbury

April 1, 2012

I now know something weird: There is a tiny pocket of people in this East Glastonbury/Hebron/Marlborough area that love their roadside painted rocks. My title here isn’t actually about how rare alligators are in Connecticut (rare as in don’t exist) but rather the fact that no more than 10 people pass this guy every day and maybe one person per week that doesn’t live out here.

All that means is that I appreciate this guy even more than the fancy popular eagle and turtle out on route 66. I should warn you, if you are merely out to kill time in order for your kid to nap in the car and you scoot off of route 2 up here to Goodale Hill Road to search for the gator, just past him traveling east the road turns to a dirt road and your kid will wake up.

Yes, there is a dirt road in Glastonbury. Crazy.

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2 responses to “Mr. Al E. Gator”

  1. Dana says:

    I did not see THIS
    on the dirt road in Glastonbury.
    Headed West on Glastonbury Boulevard…

  2. Rachael says:

    There are a number of dirt roads in Glastonbury.

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