Blue Slope Country Farm Fall Event

Blue Slope Country Farm Fall Event
Franklin, October 2010

Attended: Saturday Afternoon
Parking: Free
Distance to Fair: 2 minute walk from dusty lot
Cost: Minimal, I forget
Something Unique: Everything, in its own little way
Overall rating: Fair

I’m only including this page because someone, some day, will ask if I’ve ever been to this thing. Yes, I have. I wrote a lot about it here, on my page about the museum that is open during the festival fair event thing.

This thing is like a mini version of the town fall fairs. It has pretty much everything minus the carnival games – which is fine with me. And really, the museum is probably better than the museums at the various town fairs (Orange, Woodstock, Berlin, Guilford and Durham to name names. Strangely, I’m most curious about the museums at the Harwinton Fairgrounds).

You’ve got your “country” themed foodstuff for sampling and sale.

You’ve got your large farm implement and tool museum

Improperly sized picture of some fair fun

Improperly sized horse and cart

Blue Slope Fall Event

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