Guilford Agricultural Fair

Guilford Agricultural Fair
September 2011

Attended: Sunday Afternoon
Parking: $5
Distance to Fair: 12 minute walk down country lane with traffic
Cost: $10 for each adult, we lied and said Damian was under 5 so I forget how much kids are.
Something Unique: A freaking lemur and a kangaroo
Overall rating: Fair

A pig in a cage. My boys are bored.

The 2nd place stick.

Someone had the audacity to enter these immature/crappy radishes.

Pig racing. Is that fun?

Ok, the alligator was pretty cool. And yes, it’s the WORLD’S BEST SUNDAE!


America is #1

Nice chick. No, not the birds, but the lady with the boots and corset thing. Awesome.

This Pocock is okay…

But this cock is better.

Oh yeah. There was a monkey.

And a museum! Check out the Woodruff Farm Barn Museum here.

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One response to “Guilford Agricultural Fair”

  1. Dave says:

    Wait…there is a farm in Guilford raising MONKEYS?? BEST. FARM. EVER.

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