Merritt Parkway Museum

A Museum Not Without Merritt

June 2, 2008

I figured it makes sense to link to the museum in Connecticut about a road here. Not just any road, but the wondrous Merritt Parkway! Granted, it’s a tiny little museum in the lobby of a random office building in Stratford, but hey, they call it a museum so it’s a museum. Check it out here.

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One response to “Merritt Parkway Museum”

  1. Tom Fatone says:

    This is a museum off the beaten path, that should not be missed. Located just off of exit 53 in Stratford next to the Sikorsky Bridge. It’s located in the plaza off a office building. Believe it or not my girlfriend and I visited it on a Saturday and it was open. Once inside we were treated to old pictures and paintings of the parkway itself. There was even a running video on a giant screen television that discribed the history of the parkway. There was also a giant map that detailed the entire 37 miles of the road. These details included information about the bridges, landscape and exits. It was quite a treat and a must see for road geeks. Check it out!!!!

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