Soapstone Mountain

Somers Lookout Tower on Soapstone Mountain

Wooden Tower (~30 feet) on Soapstone Mountain summit (1075 feet)

(For more on the hike up along the 50 mile Shenipsit Trail, Go here.)

scumeSoapstone is one of my favorites because it’s really the only public mountaintop observation tower east of the Connecticut River in the state. It also affords are rather excellent view as well.

My first trip up, during a section hike of the Shenipsit Trail (which amble up here all the way from the East Hampton/Portland border), was shared with my friend Dennis. It was the first time up for both of us and it was stunning – at least for Somers, Connecticut.

I returned a few months later on a perfect autumn day with Hoang and Damian, but without a camera. There is a parking lot maybe 150 below the summit, which necessitates a five minute walk up. Certainly worth the minimal effort.

From the DEP site: “While the original fire tower is long gone, today’s tower stands specifically for the public’s recreational viewing. As one of only two observation towers in Eastern Connecticut (the other being the monument at Fort Griswold State Park in Groton), the vistas afforded from this vantage point are spectacular as visitors can take in scenes from the Connecticut River Valley to the Springfield skyline.”

The view NNW

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