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4941573830_de68b7b055_oSeriously. And don’t just buy one for yourself, but tell everyone you know with kids or kids on a gift list or are simply fans of music to buy the incredibly low-priced iTunes album.

Why? Simple: 100% of the album’s proceeds will go to fund Smith-Magenis Syndrome Research. And if you care about humankind and the special needs community and CTMQ and especially if you care about Damian – please buy the album. All you have to do is GO HERE and click on the “Buy It” blue ribbon.

It’s a very listenable album – yes, even for adults. In fact, I find myself listening to a few of the songs on purpose on my own. So even if you don’t have kids, you may like it.

Do Fun Stuff is the brainchild of one Ryan Marshall, step dad to a beautiful boy with SMS himself. He and I have connected through our blogs, yes, but more importantly through of love for our children and our shared hope to help all SMS families through further focused research on this difficult genetic syndrome.

Our boys love music and Ryan has industry experience and connections out the wazoo – but more importantly is his devotion and talent to the project, which will be an annual thing.

Ryan is an incredibly talented photographer, videographer and writer. I love poking around his site – and you will too – but I’ll link you to these pictures and story about his son’s first day of first grade. It’s amazing to me how similar our sons are.

Please – Buy Do Fun Stuff!

Damian says Thank you.


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