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vultureAfter plugging along at CTMQ for a few years now, it has come to my attention that the world, even the often stodgy museum world, is a very changeable place. I get emails all the time – and questions from those who interview me or are merely curious – regarding how I keep up with everything.

Well, I don’t. And I can’t and I won’t. People move on, museums close, hours change, funding dries up, restaurants close, menus change, trails are re-routed, trails are opened… You get the point.

Much like this sign (which I found hilarious), it is a fair warning at times and silly at others. CTMQ is as correct as I can make it at the time of writing. When it’s feasible, I go back and make corrections or re-hike the changed trail, etc.

But seriously, c’mon… I can’t be expected to keep up with all this stuff.

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